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of Market Insights

U.S. Equity Market Closes Higher Ahead of CPI

U.S. equity markets resurge as Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and Amazon Inc. showcase impressive climbs. U.S. equity markets embraced a resurgence yesterday, effectively putting an end to their four-day losing spell. Notably, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway reached an unprecedented pinnacle, while Amazon Inc. showcased an impressive climb of over 10% within the week. Simultaneously, theContinue Reading


Dollar Softer After NFP Comes Short

The unemployment rate in the U.S. improved to 3.5%, but the Nonfarm Payroll saw a reduction to 187k, resulting in slightly easing the dollar. Last Friday, the United States experienced a blend of economic indicators. The unemployment rate in the country improved to 3.5%, but the Nonfarm Payroll saw a reduction to 187k, suggesting aContinue Reading


BoE Delivers 25 BPS Rate Hikes Softening Pound Sterling

The Bank of England (BoE) delivered a 25 bps rate hike, with the BoE governor emphasising that the policy will remain tight. The dollar’s ascent of nearly 1% in August was further bolstered by the U.S. credit rating downgrade, pushing it close to the $103 threshold. However, yesterday U.S. economic data has tempered its surge,Continue Reading


U.S. Equity Market Tumbles After Fitch’s Downgrade

U.S. equity markets declined after Fitch’s downgrade of U.S. treasuries. Last night, the financial market witnessed significant turbulence as Fitch’s downgrade of U.S. treasuries sent shockwaves. U.S. equity markets experienced a sharp decline, with Nasdaq leading the losses with a plunge of over 2%. Simultaneously, the U.S. 10-year bond yield surged to its highest levelContinue Reading


Gold Prices Surge On U.S. Credit Downgrading

The announcement of Fitch has downgraded U.S. treasuries immediately affected gold prices. Fitch, the U.S. credit rating agency, has downgraded U.S. treasuries from their pristine AAA rating to AA+. The implications for the dollar remain to be seen, but the announcement immediately affected gold prices, which quickly surged by nearly 0.3%. In Asian markets, theContinue Reading


All Eyes On RBA Interest Rate Decision

Market analysts project a 25 basis point rate hike from the RBA, but positive economic data may lead to a rate hike pause. All eyes are on the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) as investors eagerly await the announcement of their interest rate decision, scheduled for later today. Market analysts have projected a 25 basisContinue Reading


Softer PCE Reading Fuels Equity Market

After the release of the U.S. PCE data, equity markets responded positively, with Asian markets sharing the upbeat sentiment. Last week’s release of the U.S. PCE data sparked optimism in the market, fueling demand for risky assets on expectations of further inflation moderation. Equity markets responded positively, with Asian markets sharing the upbeat sentiment atContinue Reading


Japanese Yen Appreciates On Possible YCC Tweak

Japanese yen strengthened against majors. BoJ to discuss potential YCC strategy adjustments, sparking market speculation. The Japanese yen displayed strength against its major counterparts last night. The market buzzed with speculation as the BoJ unveiled plans to discuss potential adjustments to its yield curve control (YCC) strategy. Speculators opine that the central bank may contemplateContinue Reading


Dollar Weakens After Fed Delivers Small Size Rate Hike

After the announcement, gold and oil prices climbed as the U.S. dollar weakened, making them more attractive. The Federal Reserve delivered as anticipated, implementing a 25 bps rate hike that propelled the interest rate to its highest level in 22 years. With the benchmark rate now residing within the range of 5.25% to 5.5%, theContinue Reading


Market Stays Calm Ahead Of Fed’s Rate Announcement

Investors await the Fed’s interest rate decision, to be released today at 21:00 (GMT+3). If the rate is raised from 5.25% to 5.5%, it will mark the highest level in 22 years. Investors’ unwavering attention is fixed on the Fed’s interest rate decision, eagerly awaiting its release later today. With market speculations rife, the consensusContinue Reading